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Disability Awareness Workshops

We offer ready-made four workshops and these are

Communication with a Difference

Independent Living

Disability and Personal Relationships

The Public and Disability

We are happy to tailor make different workshops upon request

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Communication with a Difference

The workshop examines a number of communication strategies including, eye contact, and using communication boards etc. It focuses particularly on how to communicate with people who have no speech. We also explore the frustration people experience in getting their messages across effectively. Some of the learning objectives are:-

Understanding the definition of communication
Examining the different methods of communication
How to start a conversation with someone who has no speech
How to ask yes/no questions correctly and avoid double negatives
What kinds of communication aids are available
Understanding and appreciating the frustration of people when they are misunderstood

Independent living

This workshop explores the management of a team of personal assistants and what procedures and practices are advisable to be put in place. The workshop also identifies the importance of enabling people to have their own individuality and control over their lives. The learning objectives are:

Understanding the person with the disability is the team leader as well as the service user
Investigating the difference between carers and personal assistants
Appreciating the importance of communication
Promoting independence and individuality to the service users
Applying common sense to mini-factor risks
Examining the responsibilities of the employer (person with the disability)
Understanding the need of appraisals and supervisions

Disability and Personal Relationships

The workshop looks at the fundamentals of having a fulfilling relationship between a non-disabled person and a person with a disability, also between people who both have physical disabilities. The workshop highlights a number of situations and discusses challenges. We look at ways to promote romantic feelings and desires. The learning outcomes include:

Investigating the concept of having a physical disability
Understanding the perceptions of disability
Investigating and appreciating the nature of the relationship
Examining the personal assistant's role in those special moments
Determining the level of assistance and personal care the partner wishes to undertake
Analysing the physical and psychological problems that people with disabilities face

The Public and Disability

This workshop examines the different attitudes and perceptions that people experience when they are approached by or when they see people with disabilities. It deals with two aspects that can cause uncomfortable situations. The first aspect looks at reactions and the reasons why. The second aspect is designed to discuss how people with disabilities can cope with these reactions. The learning objectives are:

Identifying different reactions of non-disabled people and the reasons why
Analysing the effect public attitudes have on people with disabilities
Examining different attitudes of people about their disabilities
Understanding how people with disabilities can deal with public reactions
Exploring education methods to teach people about disability
Appreciating why terminology and the use of 'people first language' are so important

A note about the workshop

All workshops adopt the same format. In a workshop there are typically three or four tasks which relate to the previous sections. The tasks are a great way to consolidate people's understanding of each section and encourage deep thinking.
Comments about Previous Workshops

When people book workshops, what do they get?

- handouts of my Powerpoint slides
- feedback forms so people can evaluate the workshop
- a chance to discuss any related issues or concerns
- free Email contact with me, in case people want to discuss any related issues one-to-one